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Photographs in 2001 Upper Tibet Antiquities Expedition (UTAE)

Funerary structure FS5, Khyichongla (<i>khyi mchong la</i>) group. Funerary structure FS18, Pema Nakyöl (<i>pad+ma nag yol</i>) group. Funerary structure FS17, Pema Nakyöl (<i>pad+ma nag yol</i>) group. The central depository of funerary structure FS16, Pema Nakyöl (<i>pad+ma nag yol</i>) group. Funerary structure FS8 in dramatic circumstances, Khyichongla (<i>khyi mchong la</i>) group. The site, seen from the west. The array of pillars looking east. The vestiges of the appended edifice.
The site, seen from the southwest. Looking west from the site. Note the small mound in the background, the remains of the appended edifice. Larger standing stones of the array. Slab-wall traces on the east side of the pillar array. The site’s black and white pillars. A corner of the slab-wall enclosure. Standing stones at Tekyer (<i>thes skyer</i>). Superstructure at Trugu Yarkha (<i>phru gu dbyar kha</i>).
Structural remnants. Structural remnants. A slab-wall enclosure. The rocky tumulus at Ayak (<i>a g.yag</i>). A row of pillars. A long wall. One of the expedition drivers walks along the wall with a tape measure. A superstructure near the long wall. The single-course slab enclosure of Ayak (<i>a g.yag</i>).
The remnants of funerary structure FS3. A row of pillars. Note how sandy the ground is. Upper-most ceremonial structure east of the main temple. Interior of the middle-sized chapel of the southwest shrine rooms. Funerary structure FS2. Funerary structure FS3. West inner courtyard looking towards the entranceway to the east inner courtyard. Entranceway between the east inner and west inner courtyards. The entranceway to the northwest shrine rooms can be seen in the background.

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