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Photographs in 2001 Upper Tibet Antiquities Expedition (UTAE)

The high point of the fortress. Funerary structure FS5. Note the abandoned habitation beside the mound. The survey team measuring FS5. Funerary structure FS6. In the background are the azure blue waters of Dangra Yutso (<i>dang ra g.yu mtsho</i>). Funerary structure FS5, the site’s great burial tumulus. An intricate array of slab-wall fragments in the north sector. North sector structures. The road in the image runs between the Nyima (<i>nyi ma</i>) County seat and the Ganglung (<i>gangs lung</i>) Township headquarters. The south sector enclosure.
The south sector enclosure. Note the integral double-course 12-m long north wall segment on the right side of the image. Funerary structure FS1. The site’s tallest pillars. The site in profile. Long-stone DR8, the tallest pillar at the site. A frontal view of the site. Funerary structure FS1. Pillars of the south complex.
The pillar array of the south complex. The north complex. What was the array of pillars is situated in the foreground and the mound behind it was the appended edifice. The site’s tabular pillar. Note the broken surface at the top of the pillar. The broken top of the pillar beside the in situ portion. The side of the pillar hosting a conglomerate surface. The pillar, with the broken top placed in its original position. A double-course fragment of an enclosure wall. The lone pillar.
The site, from the east. Note the wall fragments of the enclosure protruding from the ground. The pillar, with the broken top placed back into position. Looking west towards the site. Two large pillars at the site. Note the <i>maṇi</i> carvings. The site, seen from the east. A double-course wall fragment of the pillar enclosure. The large pillars. The pillars, seen from the west.

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