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Photographs in 2001 Upper Tibet Antiquities Expedition (UTAE)

The pillar, with parts of the west and south walls of the enclosure visible. Funerary structure FS1. The site, seen from the south. Funerary structure FS3 (?). The south wall of the enclosure. Funerary structure FS5. The site, seen from the west. Funerary structure FS1 overlooking the Drijiu (<i>’bri byi’u</i>) Valley. Near the upper right hand corner of the image the high conical mount of Nyukri (<i>smyug ri</i> [E-13]) can be seen.
Funerary structure FS8 and other wall traces in the small hollow. Funerary structure FS7. The funerary structure FS3 to funerary structure FS7 group situated in a hollow. Funerary structure FS3 (?). Funerary structure FS4. A cubic tomb on the southwest shelf. The base of the central depository in one of the cubic tombs. The snow-filled central depository of funerary structure FS3.
Funerary structure FS2, Mönnak Dzong (<i>mon nag rdzong</i>). Funerary structure FS9. The mountain of Endritsé (<i>an ’bri rtse</i>) from the south. Funerary structure FS7. Funerary structure FS1. Funerary structure. One of the enclosures on the north and east flanks. Funerary structure FS2. Note the parallel stone courses of the enclosing wall.
The vicinity of funerary structures FS4 and FS5. Note the enclosure wall in the foreground and the corral in the background. The heavily disturbed remains of funerary structure FS1. Members of the survey team measuring Funerary structure FS1. Funerary structure FS1. The broad Tsangpo (<i>gtsang po</i>) Valley is in the background. The fallen pillar. Funerary structure FS1. Note the excavation of the structure that has taken place. The prominent walls of funerary structure FS2. A ruined building at Rala Kharmar (<i>ra la mkhar dmar</i>). Note the herringbone courses of masonry.

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