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Photographs in 2001 Upper Tibet Antiquities Expedition (UTAE)

The lone pillar. The pillar with the local guide. The lone pillar. The pillar and wall remains. Note the stones scattered about the site. The site, seen from the west. Note Kyungmo Tso (<i>skyung mo mtsho</i>) in the distance. The appended edifice and a few of the pillars. The array of pillars. The site, seen from the east.
Part of the array of pillars. Funerary structure FS1. Funerary structure FS2 with members of the survey team, Gyaruk Möndur (<i>rgya rug mon dur</i>). Funerary structure FS2. Funerary structure FS2. Note Yubuk Tsakha (<i>g.yu sbug tshwa kha</i>) and the lofty meridian range, the two main geographic attributes of the Rongmar (<i>rong dmar</i>) region. The exterior of the all-stone edifice. The large pillar (1.9 m in height). Note the broken pillar (90 cm high) in the background. The interior of the all-stone edifice.
Pillars erected inside an enclosure. Note the remnants of the parallel slab walls set inside the enclosure. A massively built slab-wall fragment. A fragment of a rampart. The amphitheatre with the west rim on the left side of the image and the east rim on the right side (the structures on these rocky eminences and in the amphitheatre are faintly visible). A robustly built slab wall of an enclosure. The west rim two-tiered habitational structure. Four of the site’s pillars. Note the winding Bok Tsangpo (<i>’bog gtsang po</i>) in the background. The outer west arm habitational structure. Note the small freestanding wall segment on the right side of the structure. The Trizhung Chu (<i>khri gzhung chu</i>) runs in the background.
The east rim habitational structure. Note what may be the remains of a buttressed walkway in the foreground. The site’s big pillar. The site’s big pillar. A wall belonging to interconnected enclosures. A quadrate enclosure. A double-course wall with one course of upright stones and one course of stones laid flat, forming the common wall of two enclosures. The site, with Mount Chupur Dopur (<i>chu phur rdo phur</i>) in the background. An enclosure exhibiting upright stones and flush stones in its wall courses.

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