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Resources Associated with 2002 High Tibet Circle Expedition (HTCE)

Photographs in 2002 High Tibet Circle Expedition (HTCE)

The double-course funerary enclosure. Measuring funerary structure FS1. The lake is Bültso (<i>bul mtsho</i>) and in the snowy range of mountains beyond is the sacred mountain Kyungka (<i>skyung ka</i>). Funerary structure FS23, one of the site’s more intact funerary structures. In the background is Dungtso (<i>mdung mtsho</i>) and beyond the lake is Namra (<i>nam ra</i>), the high snow peak. Funerary structure FS49.
The survey team at funerary structure FS127. The low elevation structure of funerary structure FS28. The pillars and enclosure. The site’s three pillars.

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