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The saddle-shaped island of Dotaga (<i>do rta sga</i>) in jewel-like Darok Tso (<i>da rog mtsho</i>). The big and small headlands of Lemar Jang (<i>sle dmar byang</i>) are in the foreground. A red ochre framed letter <i>a</i> and counterclockwise swastika in Chölung Puk (<i>chos lung phug</i>), zimpuk (<i>gzims phug</i>). An archaic ceremonial structure in red ochre. The ruined retreat structure house north of the formation’s defile.
An ancient <i>maṇi mantra</i> in red ochre and a white pigment. The north sector dispersion, with the village of  Ombu <i>’om bu</i> bu in the background. The remnants of a revetment. A revetment fragment.

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