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A tongdröl of Chakna Dorjé.

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Collections: Ariana Maki Collection, Bhutan Collection (Maki)


by Ariana Maki

A modern tongdröl on display at the Zangdo Pelri Temple in Thimphu. The image shows a form of Chakna Dorjé specific to the Pema Lingpa (1450-1521) tradition, identifiable as such by the single snake held in his mouth, the woven mats of snakes beneath his feet, and the five garudas encircling the main figure.

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Resource type: Image

Photographer: Ariana Maki

Quality Type: Excellent

Recording Note:

Display of Chana Dorje thongdrol at the Zangdok Pelri Temple near the Thimphu main market.

Photograph Date: 02/Jun/2015

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