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Aerial image of Lhasa Valley, 22 January 1966.

Url: http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/metadata/4583/DZB00402400039H007001/

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  • Aerial Image of Lhasa Valley. (English )

Location: Lhasa, Lhasa

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Recording Note:

Entity ID DZB00402400039H007001
Acquisition Date 1966/01/22
Mission 4024
Frame 7
Image Type Black and White
Camera Type KH-7 High Resolution Surveillance
Camera Resolution 2 to 4 feet
Film Type 9 inch by variable
Generation 3
Segment Count 1
Polarity Negative
Operations Number 00039

Center Latitude 29°39'57.60"N
Center Longitude 91°05'42.00"E
NW Corner Lat 29°52'55.20"N
NW Corner Long 90°58'55.20"E
NE Corner Lat 29°51'00.00"N
NE Corner Long 91°15'54.00"E
SE Corner Lat 29°27'00.00"N
SE Corner Long 91°12'00.00"E
SW Corner Lat 29°28'55.20"N
SW Corner Long 90°55'55.20"E
Center Latitude dec 29.666
Center Longitude dec 91.095
NW Corner Lat dec 29.882
NW Corner Long dec 90.982
NE Corner Lat dec 29.85
NE Corner Long dec 91.265
SE Corner Lat dec 29.45
SE Corner Long dec 91.2
SW Corner Lat dec 29.482
SW Corner Long dec 90.932

Resource Date: 1/1966

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