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Potala with festival tangkas and Zhöl village, Sertreng Ceremony. Copyright Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford 2001.

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Collections: Lhasa

Location: Potala Palace, Marpori, Red Palace, White Palace, Namgyel College, Inner Zhöl


by Jessica O'Leary

The south face of the Potala during the Sertreng Ceremony (tshogs mchod ser sbreng), which took place on the 30th day of the second month of the Tibetan calendar. Two silk appliqué festival tangkas (thang ka), or göku (gos sku) adorn the south face of the Potala's White Palace. The tangkas, featuring the Buddha surrounded by deities and bodhisattvas, measure 75 x 40 ft and have been sewn together. Groups of people can be seen gathered on the great stairway leading down from the Potala, as well as on the hill below. The buildings and rooftops of Zhöl (zhol) village are visible in the foreground.

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Photograph Date: 1949-1950

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