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The complete view of the alter inside Bar Lhakhang

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  • Statues of Buli Bar Lhakhang (English )

Tibet and Himalayas: Altarpiece, Bhutan Cultural Library

Location: Buli

Keywords: Alter=མཆོད་བཤམ།, Butter lamp=དཀར་མེ།, offering bowl=ཏིང་།, Offering seat=མཆོད་ཁྲི།, Ritual object of wrathful guru=གུར་དྲག་གི་གཏོརམ།, Statues=སྐུ།


by Yeshi Wangchuk

The complete view of the alter inside Bar Lhakhang.

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This resource was provided by Shejun (Documentation of Bhutan's Oral Cultures sponsored by Arcadia). The copyright holder is Shejun (only private uses permitted).

Resource type: Image

Photographer: Yeshi Wangchuk

Photograph Date: 10/Dec/2014

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