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The two lady serving the marchang to the people

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  • Marchang of Kangsoel (English )

Tibet and Himalayas: Offering, Bhutan Cultural Library

Location: Tang

Keywords: Jerry can, Marchang thro a vessel, Scoop


by Yeshi Wangchuk

The first select portion of the marchang was offered firstly to the protector deity known as choesung. And then only the marchang is served to all the people who are in the lhakhang as a blessing. The people who know about it gets the extra share in the bottle and sends it to their families and relatives. This vessel containing the fermented drink is said to be the Terton Pema Lingpas' vessel known as the Tserthel thro. If in case a fermented drink doesn’t taste good then it’s said that, it’s a bad omen for the upcoming year. The drinks are fermented of nine various grains known as drunagu in Dzongkha.

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Photographer: Yeshi Wangchuk

Photograph Date: 20/Dec/2014

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