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This is the great mandala stage at Drotshang Dorje Chang Monastery

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Collections: Photos-for-Qinghai-Monasteries-Documentation

Tibet and Himalayas: Maṇḍala rite

Location: Drotsang Gön


by Rinchenkhar

This is great Mandala at Drotshang Dorje Chang Monastery and also one of the holiest objects at the monastery. The mandala is often used during the chanting rituals and at religious festivities. This is a special Mandala and considered as the biggest Mandala all over the Tibet.

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This resource was provided by Qinghai Normal University (Qinghai Monastery Documentation Project). The copyright holder is Gya ye Drabo (only private uses permitted).

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Photographer: Gyayé Trabho (རྒྱ་ཡེ་བཀྲ་བྷོ།)

Photograph Date: 12/Oct/2011

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