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The cultural revivers

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  • The royal dancers in Thimphu Tsechu (English )

Tibet and Himalayas: Bodra-Gorgorm, Bhutan Cultural Library

Location: Thimphu

Keywords: temple, Tendrel Thang, Thimphu Tshechu


by Dawa Tshering

This performers or anyother man and womens usully don't wear such type of well weaved cloths when they are at home. Such expensive cloths and jewwwlaries are to be ornamented when they perform the dances. In Bhutan culturally all the traditonal songs or the folks are considered significanlty important and have priority eventhought the youth dislike it. Such dances are also performed not only by the womens but also by the mans as well.

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Resource type: Image

Photographer: Tseten Tshering

Photograph Date: 05/Oct/2014

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