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Photographs in Sacred Dance

Yamantaka Cham Dance at Khar Festival Cham Dance of Male and Female Yamantaka Yamantaka Cham Dancers Back to back Male and female yamantaka Yamantaka Cham Dance at Khar Festival Bending of Yamantaka dancers Shingi Phomo Cham Dance Yamantaka Cham Dance at Khar Festival
The straighting the hands of Yamantaka Yamantakas bow head down Yamantaka dance of Khar Tshechu Yamantaka Cham Dance of Khar Tshechu The dancers with sword The Male and Female Yamantaka show on the ground Role played by Achara is amazing Main actor offering wine to the Gomchen
Ritual cakeson the Altar Monkey holding drum Two monks blowing trumpet after the Torphang Ritual cakes are burned by the lama Torphang at Khar village Ritual cake in line during Torphang Mixture of grains and leaves to be burned in Incense oven Cook of the Khar Tsechu are chopping vegetables
Guru Rinpoche at Khar Tsechu Guru Tshen Gye Cham at Khar Tsechu Lha Karpo and Dikchung at Khar Tsechu Day Nakpo at Khar Tsechu Dikchung at Khar Tsechu The monk is healing the dead deer with his super natural power Hunter and his dogs got the deer killed Shaw at Khar Tsechu

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