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Photographs in Dotaga (Sharchok)

The saddle-shaped island of Dotaga (<i>do rta sga</i>) in jewel-like Darok Tso (<i>da rog mtsho</i>). The big and small headlands of Lemar Jang (<i>sle dmar byang</i>) are in the foreground. Residential structure RS6. The ruined rooms of residential structure RS6. The south side of residential structure RS2. Note the difference in the fabric of the lower and upper walls of the structure with the intact entranceway (northeast room).
The central and rear portions of residential structure RS2. The survey team huddled in the rear portion of residential structure RS5. The shrine complex with residential structures RS2, RS3 and RS4 in the background. The rear west room with deep recesses (background) and central west room (foreground) of residential structure RS2.

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