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Photographs in Tara Manding

A red ochre framed letter <i>a</i> and counterclockwise swastika in Chölung Puk (<i>chos lung phug</i>), zimpuk (<i>gzims phug</i>). An archaic ceremonial structure in red ochre. The ruined retreat structure house north of the formation’s defile. An ancient <i>maṇi mantra</i> in red ochre and a white pigment.
The remains of the masonry front, south rock shelter, Tara Marding (<i>rta ra dmar lding</i>). Ledge near the old retreat house. Note the small wall with inscribed plaques in the middle of the ledge. Red ochre swastikas in the west rock shelter. The massive wall barricading the west rock shelter.

Tara Manding in Places