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Ap Dramey with his sons and granddaughters Image of a Brewed millet The millet brew common in Doyas place Image of Ap Dramey Image of a typical Doya hut Ap Dramey with his steps Custom of dance at the end of the ritual Chasing away the evils spirits
Chasing away the evils spirits Placing the necessary offering It's a bunch of green leaves offering and a millet torma Alcohol offering ceremony The ritual start with offering of artemisia leaves It's a place where all the cooking take place The picularity of the Doyas stone walls
Juging rehearsal of Nangkor Lhakhang Festival Beautifying the Ritual Cakes Beautifying the Ritual Cakes Changche offering of Nangkor Festival The singers of Nangkor Festival Achara offering changche Back from Ablution Going for the Ablution
They are on the way for ablution Ritual Cakes on the Altar Buddha Statue of Nangkor Lhakhang Ritual Cakes on the Altar Statues of the Nangkor LHakhang They are starting a ritual for the Nangkor Lhakhang Dancers in the Lhakhang Tool for the Achara