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Such knife are used in cutting a stronger objets Green cardamom plant after collecting the seed The source of egg to the family The main offering to their local deity is cakepa (rooster) The wooden yoke is placed on the neck of the ox while ploughing It's used in storying the dry vegetables and etc Seed stored and hanged over the kitchen Large wooden plough used  while ploughing the field
Two bothers holding the offering water Woman receives guest with a smile from inside the hut Traditional paper factory built with a support from Helvetas Performing dance after winning the game The team mates perform in joy where the people are buried in later period It's a local dance performed in a circle Children who came to witness the khuru match
Village women and children cheering for their team Man trying his best in thowing the khuru towards the target The guidig principle The hut is little bit raised from the ground Change in the style of roofying Traditional bamboo hut View of Jigme village surrounded by trees and bamboo Butter tea, ezay(chilli mixed with local cheese), roasted dry beef and white rice served during breakfast
Having sound sleep on the veranda Cane filter used in filtering the tongba(millet alcohol) Place of drying vegetables Stone grinder to grind grain Stone maize grinder called raa rang in local dialect It's day view of traditionla Doya hut It's a image of the newly constructed house of Ap Dramey Ap Dramey performing with his two granddaughter