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A woman waring Dhungri in her noise. Close up view of dungri that most of the rural women wear in the village. A woman wearing a ruwa dani bukali just below the noise. Jhato placed towards the mud wall Rural Kitchen in Ghari Village Woman in the Kitchen making Jar out of brewed millet Thangra (used for plants who have long branches like beans, cucumber) near the maize field House with CGI Sheet in Ghari Village
Roosters searching for insects near the maize field Water tape in Ghari Village Bamboo shalve in Ghari Village Hut for storing things in Ghari Village Dried maize hung on a bamboo in Ghari Village Dried Hay from Wheat Plant Local Gas made out of cow dung in Ghari Village Cow Shed in Ghari Village
These are images of prayer flags fluttering in the wind. Prayer flags on top of the hill Colourful prayer flags blown by the wind Colourful prayer flags on the air View of a road from Ghari village that leads to Dhoroka gewog Bunch of Prayer flags on top of the hill Cadamon Plant on a steep slope in Ghari Village Cadamon plant in Ghari Village
Colourful Prayer flags along the tree Bamboo Shalve used for drying meat and other items Wodden shalve in the kitchen Jhato where grains are made into pieces Stove where they cook their meals Jhato where grains are made into pieces Ghagris for storing water in Ghari Village Kitchen in Ghari Village