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Photographs in Bhutan Cultural Library

Villagers trying to offer prayers with the cock that are to be sacrificied The villagers sprinkls water on the rooster till it shivers The villagers feed the cock with the same water that they have collected from the source. Villagers wash the rooster with the same water from the source Village elder with the rooster to be sacrificed Woman filling up the bamboo container with alcohol Woman filling up the bamboo container with alcohol Sebu offered inside house with alcohol filled in it
Sebu being placed infront of the house Custom of sharing the offered alcohol Alcohol being offered from the local bamboo container Sebu being placed infront of the house Offering of incense before offering sebu (torm) Setting of the ritual object Preparing tongba offering for display
Ritual objects and offerings made from millet The offering shelf getting a face lift with banana leaves Holy water in the bamboo sealed with green plants Face dipped for tongba (local millet alcohol) in the traditional bamboo jar It's a mountain view of the Jigme village Early sunrise of Jigme village Reciting prayers facing sun Village elders making tongba (local alcohol) offering
Villagers making a offering place Village men preparing the offering deck Village men erecting branches for ritual Woman with a rooster to be sacrificed A Villager coming to the attend the new year ritual Image of the Traditional Doya hut Chicken curry served It's used to stir food

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