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Photographs in Bhutan Cultural Library

Village women harvesting paddy in a bright sunny day Woman trying to make rope out of hay to carry the dry paddy plants later on Woman with a bunch of paddy plant in her hand and she is trying to lay it down Woman clearing the weeds from the paddy field A Woman harvesting paddy A man clearing up area for thrashing paddy Close up view of paddy grains right after harvesting Paddy grains after harvesting in Dholpani village.
Man having his alcohol after clearing the area for thrashing paddy The lower part of the paddy plant after harvesting Villagers harvesting paddy along with drying paddy near the field. Drying of paddy after harvesting Villagers harvesting paddy in the field. Paddy dried after harvesting in the field. Riped paddy in the field ready to be harvested. Goats enjoying their food in their pen.
A two storied traditional house build in the southern foot hills of Bhutan. People drying maize Maize hung on the bamboo sticks Nar Bdr Mahat changing the grain position Rice grains being hit by the Dhiki Rice Grains on the flour Mr.Nar Bdr Mahat and his daughter inlaw beating rice Old man using a traditional rice beating wood
It's a traditional beehive Having a great time after heavy meal Kitchen of the local village people The paddy fields of Dolong village A fan made out of bamboo and is used during summer season. The villagers perform the chapdung dance for the bride and groom Here also they have to go through tika ceremony first and then only they will get gifts After lunch both bride and groom come out in the public to receive gifts from everyone who came to witness their marriage

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