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Photographs in Monastic Dance

Festival ceremony of Khar Cham ceremony of the Khar village Sangay Lingpa Cham Dance Dance of Khar festival Dancer looking to the camera Dancers in their duties Khar Festival Dancers in line
Achara is offering salt from his phallus Achara leading the dance Festival ceremony of Khar Atsara offering salt to the dancer Achara offering salt to the dancer Sangay Lingpa Dance A dance of Sangay Lingpa Khar Festival
Khar Festival dance Dancers of the Khar Festival Dancers in their duties Dancers performing Dance composed by Sangay Lingpa Cham ceremony of the Khar village Festival ceremony of Khar High speed of Khar festival Dance of Sangay Lingpa
Festival of Khar Khar Festival dance Dancers are performing their duties on the ground Sangay Lingpa NgaCham Dance of Khar Cham Dancers are in full swing in their duties The image captured only half of the dancers. It is a Cham dance of Sangay Lingpa Nga Cham composed by Sangay Lingpa. People are standing along side of the shade. One of the man is recording dance of it in his camera. Cham Dance of Khar The Cham Dancers Dance in noon

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