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Photographs in Lhasa - Cultivated Landscapes

Celebrating the construction of the new fence, Summer 2002. Digital Globe - Quickbird, view of Lha sa, Febuary 2001; rough location of 'dam rwa marked in purple. Map of the different zones in the Lha klu nature reserve, 2004. Planned land use benefits the nation and the people." Sign near Lha klu, standing on drained former wetland, Summer 2001." Sand deposits at the back of the wetland, 2002. Lha sa Lha klu wetland TAR-level nature reserve" - Lha sa Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, 2001." Entrance to the sports stadium, formerly Spo'o gling ga (#9),  2004. Map of Lha sa with point locations.
Selling and buying vegetables in the Bar skor, 2000. The landscape of south-east Lhasa from Bumwa Ri 2001

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