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Photographs in Lhasa

Alley in Hebalin neighborhood. August 9, 2004. Lha sa Experimental Elementary School, former site of Baitang Baozi vegetable fields. August 9, 2004. Teahouse - popular gathering spot for elderly Hebalin men.August 9, 2004. Place in Hebalin where the Hebalin Muslims slaughtered livestock, known as Bshas ra," now used as a parking spot. The Hebalin kha che were careful to use halal methods of butchering, which included pulling the knife upward. August 9, 2004." Front gate to Hebalin Mosque. August 6, 2004. Looking east towards the newly expanded Hebalin Mosque. August 9, 2004 Small mosque (Chota or small" masjid) near the former Nepalese consulate to the south of the Bar skor, referred to by some as the Ladakhi temple (lha khang). August 6, 2004." One of two mosques in Rgyang mda' gang. August 8, 2004
Southern end of East gling skor road, now the eastern boundary of Hebalin. August 9, 2004. The Hebalin neighborhood today - construction of new shops outside the mosque.August 9, 2004. Entrance to the newly expanded Hebalin Mosque.August 9, 2004. Lha sa's Number 8 Middle School, facing Jiangsu Lam, formerly Klu sbug farmland. August 9, 2004. The new Mkha' 'gro gsol mgron khang (Hotel) in the Klu sbug neighborhood. August 9, 2004. Tshal zhing gsar pa family home. August 9, 2004. Looking east in Klu sbug neighborhood toward the old Ambassador's residence. August 9, 2004. Old house in Klu sbug neighborhood. August 9, 2004.
The G.yu thog Bridge today. August 9, 2004. Inside the Klu sbug neighborhood today former vegetable field area, August 9, 2004. The southern entrance into the Klu sbug neighborhood today, looking north from Jiangsu Lam, August 9, 2004. Newly re-designed Zhong gan qu, July 30, 2004. Zhong gan qu near Lha klu neighborhood committee, photo taken 2002. Horse rides for tourists, banned after 2002. Photo taken in 2001. Newly expanded Bye rags, Brag ri khug village, looking toward 'dam rwa, 2004. Old Bye rags, Brag ri khug village, looking toward Se ra, photo taken 2002.
Close-up view of new sand retention pits dug 2003-2004, photo taken July 2004. New sand retention pits dug 2003-2004, photo taken July 2004. Close-up view of sand accumulation, 2002. Quarrying on the north side of the wetland, photo taken 2001. Drainage canals dug in the 1960s are still apparent today, Summer 2002. Rock painting on north boundary of wetland, west of 'Bras spungs-Se ra boundary, August 2004. Traditional boundary between 'Bras spungs and Se ra at northern edge of wetlands, August 2004. Around the corner from rma bya chu thung, August 2004.

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