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Photographs in grassy mountain

Hotel under construction in Lhagang  Sign for hotel in Lhagang. Beauitful scene in Lhagang.  Ruins and monastery in Lhagang.  High pasture land in Lhagang.  Nomad black tents by the river in Lhagang.  Prayer flags by the river in Lhagang.  Prayer flags in the meadow in Lhagang. 
Prayer banners in Lhagang.  Buses in Lhagang.  Tourists in Lhagang.  Construction workers by the side of the road in Dora Gamo.  Roadside scene in Dora Gamo.  Religious school near Dora Gamo Religious school near Dora Gamo.  Prayer flags near Dora Gamo 
Prayer Flags near Dora Gamo.  Trees being planted at Dora Gamo.  Buildings at Dora Gamo school.  Tents at Dora Gamo.  Tibetans engaging in horse-related game during Lhagang Festival.  Spectators watching horse at Lhagang Festival.  Spectators at Lhagang Festival.  Spectators at Lhagang Festival. 
Tibetan men and women preparing to watch horse festival. Tibetan men racing horses in Lhagang.  Distance shot of the Lhagang Horse Festival.  A crowd of people watching the horse race.  Crowd milling at Lhagang Horse Festival. Tibetan man preparing for horse race.  Men racing horses at high speed at Lhagang Horse Festival.  Young Tibetan boy racing horse in Lhagang. 

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